Love the one you're with...

I have found new love with this project. The colors are not as hideous as they appear in this picture. I love my camera, but it doesn't do so well at night, indoors.

It is a French Market Bag from Knitty.com. I saw it on this website, which you should really check out. Lene's is so very classy, mine is using up my stash. I, of course, mis-read the instructions, so let's just say, I'm making a design change... whoopsie.

I told you about how Murray personally inspects each piece of knitting. I turned my back for a second and look what I found. He managed to sit on the WHOLE thing, AND was still able to take a nibble at my needles. Ha ha, Murray, they're metal, not bamboo.

I made this bag the other night, with the idea that I would give it to my cousin for her wedding. Um, sorry, Katie, you're getting dishcloths and a check. I can't part with this bag.

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