Stunt Glasses

Lee and I had to drive separately this morning, so I asked him to get my sunglasses (since my eyes have rejected my contacts recently, I've had to wear my glasses all the time. I had prescription sunglasses made as well) out of his car and put them in mine. He said "I'll put them on your car."

This can can only end in tears.

I went out to my car and put my laptop and other stuff in the passenger side. I saw the sunglasses in their case on top of the car. I then decided that it was too cold for shorts. I went back in the house, grabbed some pants, got back in my car and took off.

I drove about 2 blocks, and heard "something" hit my roof. I looked in the rear view mirror, and... my stomach lurched. I went back and found my glasses case... EMPTY!! my stomach lurched again... then I saw the glasses about 10 feet away... a little banged up, but ok.

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