WWMD? (What Would Monet Do?)

Last Friday on my way to the not so Local LYS...

For the record, I go to the YS in DeKalb because
a. there isn't a true LYS near me
b. Mango's has the most excellent smoothies EVER
c. there are beautiful vistas on Annie Glidden Rd.

I saw this marvy sight on my left and tried to make the turn, but had to turn around at a farmhouse. There was an enthusiastic dog that tried to decide if I was friend or foe. I'm not sure what he decided, but I hightailed it back to the road to take some pics.

I LOVE hay stacks. (Hay rolls? Hey! Rolls!) I wonder if Monet would paint these if he was a current artist. And not dead.

Did I mention how I was laughing as I took this series of pics? The hay, it fills me with joy. Why fight it?

This pic did NOT win in my photo class. I think it should have, but I don't want to be greedy. :)


Steve said...

Chris, you need to teach the hay how to smoke. Then it would win in your photo class...

Anonymous said...

WoW! You're a chip of the old block allrighty!