Sweater Pact

Megan and I want to knit sweaters. I just got this most awesome book...

Something for everyone.

Pick the body.

Pick the sleeve.

Pick the collar.


Well, you gotta knit the thing, dontcha?

I'm going to buy yarn tomorrow in DeKalb. Then I'll go with Megan on Saturday to pick her yarn. Yay! Yarn!

It's sadly my last Friday off. I gotta go back to work Monday. BOOOOOOO! I have SO enjoyed my time off. I gardened, painted, cleaned, etc... LOVE it. Now, if only I could stop Murray McPukesalot from yakking on our white bedspread, I could maybe do some OTHER laundry.

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McEvil One said...

I remember when I had July off...then I went & worked for a 'corporation' which frowns on that sort of activity.