Deep Fried Oreos

We went to the Boone Co. Fair on Wednesday. I got there after a loooong day at work. My pedometer already read 17,000 steps (you're supposed to try for 10,000/day). By the time we left, I had 22,000 steps or something. With my stride, that's about 10 miles I walked that day.

I went to my Weight Watchers meeting before going to the fair. Our leader told us that the corn-dog actually has less calories than a regular hotdog. So there was only ONE thing on my mind when I joined Lee and the others at the fair... (and no, it wasn't the lemonade!)

Luckily, this fair, like all others, makes it remarkably EASY to find food. Even food you never thought of, like deep fried Oreos. Why, I ask you?

The Corn Dog was EXCELLENT, btw. I'm sure it was better than usual because I was starving, and the the "corn" part tasted like funnel cake. Mmmmm...

Here's Megan and Karolyn figuring out how to eat a ... whatever that is... elephant ear? It was deep fried and covered in sugar. They are young and can still eat like that. I remember my mother telling me when I was 19 that I wouldn't always be able to eat like that. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Dude... so, so true.

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