Geeks... We R them... They R us...

I should mention Comicon 2007. I didn't want to go for very long, if at all. It's a very tiring thing. BUT... Richard Hatch of Battlestar Galactica (old and new) was there, and I couldn't resist getting his autograph on the same picture that Dirk Benedict signed at Comicon 2006. He called me "Darlin'." Tee hee.

Here's some big boys with some little boy toys... This picture doesn't adequately show the scope and range of the comic books available. My eyes go all glassy when I see ANYTHING in that great a quantity.

Did I mention how difficult it was to take pics here? I didn't want to use my flash all the time. Here's a (thankfully) blurry image of one of the many, many inappropriately attired females.

I kept trying to photograph this colorful couple without them knowing. They were always walking, so my auto focus never set. At least you can enjoy their hair color.

Okaaaay... in a conference that's 90% males in their 20s through 40s, what was THIS lady doing here? Go grandma... way to stay young. I'd really like to know what she bought.

Hey Megan! I found you a new boyfriend. He looks nice!

If any of you haven't watched the new Dr. Who, it's worth a look-see. Here's me by the Tardis.

I must be completely candid with you all. You won't believe this, but Stitches Midwest (biggest yarn gathering EVER) was at THE SAME PLACE as the Comicon. That MAY have played a role in my wanting to go to Comicon. I grabbed some cash from Lee to run up there "just to look around." Ha ha. You know what happened next. I spent ALL my $$ in about 1/2 hour. I got some yummy yarn and some new circulars for my next sweater. (Even though I'm not done with the cardi... but I am on the sleeves now.) Pics tomorrow. Maybe. I keep forgetting.

Also - we know a comic book writer/artist now. He was best man at Lee's sister's wedding. Good friend of my brother in law. He was at the Comicon, and we finally found him after checking a bunch of "Matts" listed. (We couldn't remember his last name.) Check out his website... it's kinda interesting, how he made the graphic novel. The Homeless Channel.

Matt gave me the Stitches Midwest discount for his book, in honor of his aunt who also attended both conferences. I, apparently, was one of about 3 people who went to both.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Richard Hatch win the 1st Survivor????

Yarnsmith said...

Different guy, same name. This was the "good" Richard Hatch. Not the gay, naked one.