Defeated by Math: A Cautionary Tale

Listen up, you kids out there! You WILL need math... you will need it to do the following:
Make buttonholes, the last being 6 rows before you start decreasing for the neck... but 9 rows before that you have to have started the arm hole. All of the these things are happening AT THE SAME TIME. But not EXACTLY at the same time. Oh no... it couldn't be that simple.

I blazed on ahead to the last buttonhole... exactly 9 rows AFTER I should have started the decreasing for the arm hole. I THINK. I'm not exactly sure, what with all the "AT THE SAME TIMES (but not until thus-and-so's!)"

This is a fairly easy sweater... all K2, P2. Now try picking up all those K2, P2s 9 rows down. The Ks I got, but the Ps are all over the place. One row up, one row down. I'm about to stab somebody with my circulars. Possibly myself. Possibly Lee... for being oblivious to my pain, and sleeping on the living room floor for about 2 hours now. He did stir a bit when my swearing got loud... there was a dropped stitch that decided to go for a run.

It's gonna be an awesome V-neck cardigan if I can just get through the math!

Speaking of math... here's the aftermath (ha ha, get it?) of me trying to figure this sweater out. Notice how the pattern is completely covered up. Maybe THAT'S the problem. :)

On the brighter side... I finished up this cute little bag... used up the leftovers from the 2nd French Market bag. Woot.

Anyhow, I gotta get back to my sweater... I'm about 1/2 done fixing the stitches... then I can start knitting again. BTW, I did read all the instructions 1st... I believe this is a LEARNING CURVE. It's pretty steep, but next time will be better. And I will pick something without buttons, and therefore without buttonholes. :)

There was no contest in my photo class last night, but this one TOTALLY would have won! In other photography news, I got a polarizing filter today. It's rainy and yucky today, but I'm looking forward to trying it out.


SpEdTeacher06 said...

I LOVE the color of the sweater. Really cute looking pattern too! I'm still not that brave! That new bag is so adorable. Thank you for making me learn to love bags and purses.

knottykitty said...

Kitty butt! I agree, that picture would have won for sure!