Elevator Etiquette

When getting into an elevator with strangers, where do YOU look?

At my work, the elevator is small, but everyone tries to stand with their back to a wall, but then you have the awkward "I'm not looking at you" shifty eyes. I stared at a lady's fancy sandals and manicured toes, and wondered if she was staring at my birkenstocked, un-manicured toes. I believe my feet were more comfortable, but her feet definitely had bling. She had diamonds on the soles of her shoes...

Next day, I got on the elevator with one of the people from yesterday... not the shoe lady. Another person was passing by and said "See you Monday!" to this lady. She said "Tuesday... Monday's a holiday." Person 2 said "Oh! I forgot!" So lady and I looked at each other, and the ice seemed to be broken as we both agreed that we'd been pretty much counting on this 3 day weekend since, um, MONDAY morning.

Maybe it's just a matter of eye contact, and an ice-breaking moment.

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