Working Girl

I don't mention work much here, but I'm totally going to use it as a cop-out for not blogging more. School just started, so everyone needed their computer set up AT THE SAME TIME. Trouble: I'm one person, and there were, let's see, 600 computers that were unplugged, unhooked, etc. Hmmm....

Starting Tuesday, my number of computers grows exponentially. So, if you don't hear from me for awhile, it's because I'm exhausted and watching Babylon 5, then going directly to bed, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

BTW, if you haven't watched Babylon 5... it's totally awesome. Ok, season 1 is pretty bad... no budget, but if you're willing to laugh at such dialog as "It's more fun than a toilet full of snakes" and "He couldn't find that planet with a ouija board and a hunting dog" (I'M totally laughing at that last one... every time... Lee too... I can always get him with that line.) then this show is for you. Then in Season 2, suddenly everyone can ACT, and the plot takes incredible turns and, ok, you'll understand how riveting it was when I tell you that I COULD NOT KNIT DURING MANY EPISODES. Wow! I can usually knit through anything, while giving 1/2 my attention to shows. We're almost through Season 3. We've ordered Season 4 which won't arrive, at the earliest, until Tuesday, so we've got to conserve. And since we're in the instant gratification generation, we won't watch the season cliff-hanger, until we have the next season waiting, so we can just segue right on in.


Anonymous said...

Hallelujah! You've seen the light! Babylon 5 is my all-time favorite s/f series! Michael Garibaldi and Jacqar (sp?) are my favorites!

Love, Mom

PS: How was Lee's birthday?

Jenn Hahn said...

Heh...Ken just got Season one, supposedly for his birthday, and we watched the entire thing in about a week. :) Just ordered season two of Bab5 AND X-files. We figure the money spent on each set is equal to about 4 movie tickets.... Glad you're enjoying them too.