Have I got some boring stories for you!

I've had to let go of the idea that my blog must be "interesting" or "earth-shattering" or "exciting." When I started this blog, I said I didn't care if anyone read it... that it would be for my own amusement. HA. Denial. Anyway, now that I know I have at least 6(!), count 'em, 6(!) regular readers, I thought for a moment that I should only post "good, well thought out" items. Well, never mind.

Hyphens are dying in record numbers, and does anybody care? No. Er... mainly because we've never had a firm grasp on which words actually contain hyphens.

LOL. WELL, it appears the gods have favored you today... I just deleted all the pics I was going to use for this boring post. Good one. Doh.

I forgot that Lee went on a road trip last weekend. One of our work friends (Jim) is in a band called Tavern Hill Liars. Once a year, they play at a party of the sister of one of the band mates in Green Bay. This year, Jim's dad drove a bunch of them in the Endeavor.

Would you trust this man? This is Jim's dad.

Does Jim really think this is appropriate attire for infiltrating Packer Country?

Aren't you jealous that I've got such a handsome husband?

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Katherine said...

hee, funny! I'm glad we can forgo trying to make things exciting on our blogs... whew! Takes the pressure off of my blog, knowing I don't have to keep up with yours! I'm also glad they stopped the hyphen thing... I don't have to feel guilty for leaving them out (seriously though, I had no idea some of those words were supposed to be hyphenated!).