Vast and Deep is my love for sweaters.

I have installed the new buttons on the cardi. Only pressing remains. I guess I never showed you how much yarn I had left. I thought for sure I'd need another skein.

Here is my new sweater... it will be a split neck pullover with a collar. And 3/4 sleeves. 3/4 because I don't think I'll have enough yarn. I got this yarn at Stitches Midwest. I bought the package of 10 50g balls. I thought that'd be enough for a sweater, and it was the only on in this color. Well, it took 3 balls for the front, so that's 3 for the back, leaving 2 for each sleeve. I'm a math genius! BTW, the color in this shot is right on the money... isn't she pretty?

Anyhoo, in an amazing display of delayed gratification, I did NOT buy 10 skeins of yarn at $12 each today for my next sweater. Being a math genius, I realized that 10 x 12 is NOT a small number. But, OH, that yarn was nice. Maybe later. (See? DELAYED gratification, not DENIED gratification. It's a fine line. I'll be seeing that baby alpaca/silk blend again. Don't tell Lee.)

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Marion said...

I'd like to take a moment to remind you that you used to give me your sweaters when you were done with them. Or at least you did that once...but I'm open to the idea if the spirit so moves you. :)