New Depths

I may post pictures of the ill-fated cardigan today. I had another stunning revelation last night, re: why the sleeves weren't setting in the arm hole right. Um. That would be because I knit the WRONG SLEEVES. I wondered why I had this FLAP at the shoulder area that didn't look right. And, here's the thing... I got the pattern from the coolest book in the universe... you pick the body, then you pick the sleeves... but there are different kinds of sleeves... you know... set in, raglan, etc...

Turns out I picked the raglan sleeves, and not the set-in sleeves, despite the handy codes on each part of the sweater, telling me which sleeves would go with that particular sweater. It's not TOTALLY as bad as it sounds... as I only really have to pull out about 15 rows from the shoulder... it could have been much worse.

The crazier thing is that I had one sleeve already set in, except for the bizarre shoulder flap, which I thought I would "deal with later after getting the other sleeve in." I was tired of sewing up the sleeves, so I started flipping through the book to see what my next sweater would be, and I stumbled across the sleeve I SHOULD have made. Yes. You can imagine that bad, bad feeling in the pit of your stomach... the one that tells you you're WRONG, and maybe you should have referred to the book EARLIER, when the sleeves weren't fitting in right the 1st time.

As grumpy as the revelations made me, I am still in love with this cardigan and with knitting. It's a relief, actually, knowing that there is a solution to the sleeve dilemma, and at least I wasn't missing how to set a sleeve... because it looked pretty good considering. And I have actually MADE THE RIGHT SIZE for once... it's gonna be cute. :) Eventually. Gah.

Good things about this sweater:
It's an awesome color
It's awesome yarn (80% cotton, 20%wool)
It's going to fit me
I took my time to make the decreases look right
I re-did parts that looked goofy (instead of just plowing ahead in my usual way)
I didn't forget any button holes

All in all, it's a satisfying project.

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