2.5 hours

At 4 p.m. our house becomes our own again. It is being toured. We stopped in at noon and some little old ladies were leaving our house making comments about how they like curtains, and how the roman shades we used were just too sterile. I'm afraid I didn't take it so well. In the car I was all like "Well, excuuuuuse me for not having little old lady taste! You know the kind of fluffy curtains they're talking about, don't you?! Ruffles! Fringe! Probably in Peach!" Poor Lee. He kept saying "There, there... you de-fluffified the house." Simmer, stew.

We're hanging (hiding) out at Culver's now. Free wireless! And pumpkin malts (not free!). mmmm....

I'm uploading pics of our house. Some are blurry because it was a low-light situation and I was trying out a new flash. They'll be on the left at some point.

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