T minus 3 days

We actually had friends call us asking when the housewalk is, since I didn't mention it in my blog. The housewalk is this Saturday. Lee's dad came over last night and got the molding up in the kitchen. Our kitchen is officially finished! Well, mostly. ARGH. We did a silly cover up of the canister lights above the sink, and I said, "You realize that this "solution" will be in place for 20 years." Lee's mom helped me dust. She seemed to like the swiffer duster with the extending handle. She dusted the HECK out of one of the radiators.

I have no commitments tonight, so I'm hoping to get the last little bit cleaned and cleared out. There's not much left. We've got some yard work to do in the back. I could really use about 10 bags of mulch, but ugh. I don't believe I'm that ambitious. I did, HOWEVER, put mums out front... one large plant on either side of the walk. Lee dug the holes, and I surely do appreciate it. Used mulch to cover the rest of the area. As my friend Katherine said "Ah yes. Mulch covers a multitude of sin."

We're both taking Friday off to finish any last minute things. Like wiping kitty nose smudges from the clean (for the 1st time) windows and cleaning out the "water feature." (It's more like a "water pain-in-the-hiney", and it's the last year for it. I already took the bigger "feature" out since it made me swear just looking it. I'll take this smaller one out in the spring. We're just not water feature people. Paul and Carrie, with their whole pond system, which is gorgeous, but if it were mine, I'd probably, well, I don't know... hire Paul and Carrie to take care of it, I guess.)

War goes to the vet this evening for houseification shots and earmite termination. He's getting pretty roly-poly, so we're considering making his full name "Warren". The boy loves his vittles. And pooping.


Jenn Hahn said...

Whoo hoo! I'm famous! I was ambiguously referred to in a blog! OK, Ken was. But I was there next to him when he called. :)

Also, I like Warren as a name. It's not used much anymore. Do you do middle names? For example, our Brach is officially "Brachus Needleteeth".

Steve said...

I love how when War is domesticated it becomes "Warren."