We had our "holiday" party at work on Friday. I was going to help decorate in the morning, but things started exploding at my buildings. (Figuratively, not literally.) I did get to help a bit... I made the cellophane "fire." (Log cabin theme, in case you're wondering.)

Here's my cube at work. Some others were really getting into the whole "decorating" thing. I succumbed eventually, since we were not decorating our house. (a. won't be home during Christmas, b. cats, including new one who is still in crazy kitten phase, c. would get home and have to put it all away.)

The little dangling things are the 12 days of Christmas done in felt and sequins, made by my mom. One of my co-workers wondered why I had chickens hanging from my shelf, and why they didn't have Santa hats on (?!?!). Someone finally told her what they were.

Hey, Kelly! My pasta nativity scene is in my upper cabinet. Got lots of comments on that. Good: That is so cool! Bad: I feel like boiling some water.

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