Cruise Day 1

December 23, 2007
Legend of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

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After breakfast at the Marriott and our mad dash through the food lines, we met a family who had just come off the cruise we were going on. Santo Domingo is trying to build a more touristy image. The cruise right before ours was the 1st ever to leave out of SD. This family told us that everyone leaving on the ship had to pay $20 because of the Leaving Tax. (It costs $10 to enter the country, and $20 to leave. By this point we thought "money well spent to get out of this place.") They said the cruise line was pretty upset about it, but this being a new port, they didn't know about it, or it wasn't communicated to them.

We took taxis to the port. Of course, the price quoted by the Marriott people was way less than what the drivers were offering. Once again, our bags were being held hostage, so we had little choice.

This is our Ship: The Legend of the Seas. This is at the port at Grenada.

We got on the ship a few hours before we were to sail, so we went to look around. Once I saw the pool, I knew what I wanted to do. I had heard that pools on cruise ships were filled with salt water, but I didn't believe it since I smelled chlorine. I jumped in and... AUGH! My eyes! It IS salt. Once I reconciled myself to that fact, it was fun... no need to work too hard in salt water... it provides extra buoyancy. Of course, you feel like you weigh a TON when you get out.

I'll write about ports of call later, because I've got to get the following goofy pics out of my system:

Cruises provide AMPLE opportunity for people watching. You will see people at their best and worst, and more of some of them than you ever wanted to. As we were looking around before the ship sailed, I spotted this guy:

Dude! If your back is that red on the FIRST DAY, you're in for a world of hurt on this trip.

By the way, in my 38th year I have finally come to terms with the fact that I Do Not Tan. I burn. I did not even try to tan on this trip. I put on 55 spf and a goofy tourist visor and mostly stayed in the shade. It worked, as I am just as pasty now as before. Perhaps my flip-flop line shows a tiny bit.

I mentioned buffets in my earlier posts. Anyone who has ever been on a cruise talks about the 24/7 food. It truly was. I'll post later about our dining places, but for now, I'll leave you with the thought that buffets make for interesting food choices. You can have your key-lime pie and broccoli together, just like you always wanted. (This was my MIL's plate one day.)

And I apologize to Luis Acosto, Hotel Manager, right now. Luis, I know how hard you and your people work to keep everything on the ship running, and you certainly deserve a break. I'm just so, so sorry that I took several pictures of you sleeping. I couldn't help myself. And I'm sorry that I'm posting it now. But, not so sorry that I won't post it.... :)

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