Hey! It's my Blog-iversary!

I posted my very 1st blog ever on January 4, 2007. Woo hoo! Remember this gem?

And lest you think this will become a travel-blog... ok, I will publish Days 2-7 later... here's what I am working on currently. I did some knitting on the plane, and my needles did not get confiscated, nor even questioned. Nice.

It's a sweater from my favorite sweater book of all time... this will be my 4th sweater from it... each one totally different. I'm done with the fair isle part of it and can now blissfully K without thinking until my fingers bleed. I wasn't trying for this, but it appears that I am replacing all my sweaters with hand-knitted ones. Cool. Not less expensive, certainly, but ones that fit and that are not like anyone else's, and that are the exact colors I want. That is the coolest thing for me now that I can actually produce wearable garments.

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Jenn Hahn said...

Chris- Have you seen this webpage?
Knitting Scouts badges

I think you could post a few on here. :)