Now that we have 3 cats, it is even harder to tell who was naughty. My money's on Sibbie, as she has been known to take all of my skeins of yarn to a different location, as if they were her babies.

However, Rico could be framing her. He's a bit of a wild card, yet.... he DOES hoard toys under our bed.

Murray would NEVER do such a thing. Or is that what he wants us to think?


Katherine said...

it's Murray. Totally. He's doing it when you're not looking and blaming it on the other cats. I heard what he told me that other night when he thought you weren't looking! (re: the bamboo needles)

Yarnsmith said...

Heh, heh. I believe you are right. He just looks SO innocent! He's probably behind all the shenanigans...not just the vomiting and bamboo needle chewing.