Winter Wonderland

I went to a meeting of the Rockford Photo Club last week. The topic was about winter photography. The 1st guy started talking about what to wear when taking winter pictures, and I thought, "How lame." And yet, when I went out to practice taking winter pics this afternoon, I realized I maybe did not take into account the depth of the snow. (At least I had boots on... and wool socks... may have to rethink the blue jean thing. And I'm a dope, because I actually had snow pants with me. Duh.)

I finally got a lens cap strap, to keep the lens cap attached to the camera. Uh huh. At least it made a nice little circle in the snow so I could find it.

I had mild success with shooting snow. Basically I took a million pics with different shutter speeds until I got snow to look like snow. I'd like to try more pics on a blue sky day. Everything was white, white, white. Too hard to get the white to be white, but not blown out.

Out of all the pics I took, unfortunately this was the best one. Yes, I wear that hat. It's very warm. Yes, people laugh and point.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Chris! You could be a Yooper with that hat!

Love, Mom

Katherine said...

I love that hat!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it! This pic has great attitude. It says,"WTF, Winter?" I am so jealous of your cruise. Let's catch up ASAP. Love, Jules