Rock Star

The problem with Guitar Hero... ok, besides the fact that it's TOTALLY addicting... is that it FEELS like you can play the guitar for real. And you kind of start rocking out and making Rock Star moves... you know, like, lifting up the neck of the guitar and shaking it... problem is, that in Guitar Hero, lifting the neck of the guitar puts you into a more difficult mode. It's as if it's saying "HA, you think you're a star, do ya? Try this."

Thanks to Brian and Theresa for bringing Guitar Hero to the party. Thanks especially to Theresa for SHARING, since she is really, truly addicted, and regularly uses all of the "family minutes" for GH. (You can set the game up to shut down after x amount of hours.)

Here's Carrie and I tentatively rocking out. First timers.

There were actual guitar players available.

Lee and his dad.


Jim and his daughter, who isn't sure she's ready for a rock-n-roll dad.

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The McEvil One says:

1. Jim's daughter makes the same face we all do when her daddy starts to "rock out" ;)

2. So pissed we had to miss this!!! I haven't seen you all in so long, would have been nice to go. Oh well, there is next time!