Work in Progress

Obviously this is a Work in Progress. I saw this kind of thing for the 1st time on my friend Kelly's site. It looked so awesome, and I'm years behind the curve, and I didn't think I could do it, cause, you know... look how awesome it is. I found directions though, and used what pics I had... which, since I was not photographing with this in mind, isn't exactly 360 deg. ... anyhoo, enough disclaimers.

I'm super excited to photograph something in 360 to make this right.

I can see why people spend hours doing this kind of thing... because AWESOME.


kelly said...

addictive, aren't they? If you don't have a full 360, you can kind of fake it by taking the 180 degree shot (or 270 or whatever), mirroring it and pasting it on to the unmirrored one. :o)

Yarnsmith said...

Oooh, good idea! I just can't wait to find something to panorama (if I can use that as a verb.) C'mon Spring!

Kristin Roach said...

woo lady, that is a fancy picture! so where did you find your instructions?