1st Sentences of High School Stories I wrote for "fun".

Never before had I seen "Tony's" so swamped by patrons. I made my way over to the table in the center of the small happy restaurant, nearly tripping over someone's little boy sprawled in the aisle.

The immense man clad in a gray suit made his way briskly across the park crowded with lunching business people. He did not look over his shoulder; he stared straight ahead, oblivious to all except the pretty middle-aged blond secretary sitting on the bench facing the fountain. He stood in front of her waiting for her to notice. She finally looked up from the romance novel she held in her manicured hands and started violently.

Ahhh... Summer. Yet it can be so rudely interrupted by the worst possible scourge... BAND CAMP.

It's funny who you run into. The other day in Italo's, I could have sworn I saw my sister through the window. The thing is, I knew my sister Jayne had died several years ago at the age of 20. When I thought I saw Jayne through the window, my first instinct was to run from the restaurant and follow her, like she had come into town unexpectedly. Then the cold fact hit me all over again. The body. She died almost 10 years ago. And I hadn't actually seen her face, it must have been a trick of the eye. The heat in the big city does that. Doesn't it?

If you had told me, say a year ago, that I would write a book, see it published, meet the man of my dreams, marry, have a child, and lose it all, all within one year, well, I guess I would have laughed. Unfortunately, or fortunately, that is exactly what happened and in that order.

Early in the morning, a lone car meandered it's way to the High School. In the car were two girls who felt surprisingly wide awake for so early. The dark haired one started to say that it seemed like a trip that starts at daybreak, but the blond one beat her to it, which was not unusual for them; they always managed to be thinking the same thing at the same time and almost trying to beat each other at saying it, it seemed.

I suppose one could call my life strange. I do, every time I think of it. From the time I was 17, my main ambition was to be rich, not just well-off but bonified filthy rich. At 18, I entered the state lottery and won $50,000. It was good, but not good enough, so I invested most of it and went on a cruise around the Bahamas with the rest. On this cruise I met my husband.

The light through the open window falls on his still form. A summer breeze ruffles his dark hair.

Oh, yes, you may laugh. All these stories "end" after a page and a half. Maybe later I will publish the LAST sentences of these stories. They are just as good, if not BETTER. :)


Nicola said...

Awe man, I'm hooked. What happened with the "immense man and the blond lady"? Why did she start violently? Was it really Jayne she saw? She had seen her body, but not the face... ha ha! ??? MMmmm, summer breeze, dark haired man...hey, why is Bill in your high school short story! ;p Oh wait, maybe that's just my version. tee hee These are great Chris. Looking forward to the endings as well. :) Craftiness comes in many forms.

Yarnsmith said...

Ha ha... Lee said, "Hey! You didn't even KNOW me then!"

Marion said...

When morning came, as it always did...

Yarnsmith said...

Ha ha, exactly!