Chaucer was a Chump. (Not Really.)

Hey! I found my Canterbury Tale Poem from January 1987. I think it holds up well, you know, rather TIMELESS. Um, yeah. I'm not going to type the whole thing up, but here are my favorite bits...

To a fair city I once took my leave,
An incredible journey, and hard to believe.

The next morning while looking for the church,
We felt the car give a mighty lurch.
We found ourselves lost in Chicago's slums,
Far from any of our church bound chums.
The decadence of the city closed in on our ride,
"Hourly Rates" and "Mirrored Ceilings" printed on a motel's side.

Cramped in the backseat sat three well-hipped girls
Eating pretzel sticks and chattering like squirrels.
What we would buy! And where we would live!
We pondered the joy the town had to give.
Sailors on leave caught all our eyes,
The parents in front caught all our sighs.

That trip, very memorable indeed
For the moment, seemed all my restless soul could need.

Awesome! I apparently was a prolific writer, as I found many typed gems that I will share. There are some that are absolutely embarrassing... Woo hoo! So you've got that to look forward to. There's lots of written fodder typed on my portable electric typewriter. Oh, yeah, baby, a typewriter. I never used a computer for papers until college.

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