Almost Famous

Yeah, not really famous. BUT, I will have photos for sale at our local Coffee Shop/Art Store, The Brick.

I'd been hemming and hawing about taking the pics in to show the owners. Even after talking to them about it and them being interested in seeing them. I fell back on self-sabotaging thoughts like "I think they're good, but they're probably not." "There are photos in here by people who have way more experience than I do." "Who do I think I am, trying to sell my photos?"

Finally, I decided to stop being a wimpy little baby girl and take the pics in. I matted and framed 6 of my favorite pics. Lee was doing his guitar set through lunch, and it was busy, so the owners didn't have time to look at them until after the lunch rush.

Sherry, one of the owners, looked at them and was excited about them. I said, tentatively, "If you don't have room..." And she said "Oh! We'll make room! They'll go RIGHT HERE. These are great pictures!" Now, I think that Sherry pretty much likes Art, in general, but it did make me feel pretty good. No, not good, great.

In the book I've been reading about unblocking my creativity, she talks about not needing validation from others to say "I'm an artist." or "I'm a photographer." I guess I'm not there yet. Although, even with others' validations, I can still sabotage my own self just fine. Must work on that.

Now there's talk of an Art Fair in Belvidere at the end of June. The question is, will I be able to grab the bull by the horn and get pics ready for the show? I'm tired of wimping out.... it's more tiring maybe than trying something and being successful.

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christophertadhankins said...

I think the most important thing about showing photographs (whether for sale or exhibition) is that YOU liked them when you shot them.
Even people who don't have the basics of exposure down can provide a different look to something that may not have been apparent before.
I don't get lots of chances to shoot stuff "just for me" while working at the Daily Herald, but it's a joy to do it other times. I try to remember that for me, it's mostly about what's IN the pictures and not so much about how I framed it or cropped it within the camera that matters.
(I just save the really good ones, that ARE framed nicely and ARE proportional) for the wall hangings!
A big heart-felt congratulations again on your big news. We're so happy for you guys!