Carbon Copy.

Lee and have or have had the habit of having new people from church over for dinner. One of the families from last year were Chris and Ann. We got to chatting, you know, the usual. Turns out Chris was born in E.Grand Rapids a year after I was born in Grand Rapids. He followed me to MSU, even living in the same dorm his 1st year that I lived in my 1st year. Now he's in Belvidere, and I just found out he has a blog. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Gee, thanks, Chris! :)

We enjoyed dinner AND a show with C&A last night... their girls kept us laughing. It ended with a nearly-naked crying meltdown. (Not any of the adults... although I have felt that way from time to time.) The littlest girl has been taught to say "What the deuce?", and it is hilarious coming from a nearly 3 YO.

Don't you wonder about the secret lives of children? What's she thinking down there in the dirt?

This girl's got a killer swing.


christophertadhankins said...

Wow, now the girls have shown up on 2 blogs! What fun to see someone else's pictures of Clare and Addie! It really is eye opening to see somebody else's vantage point with a camera.
Bryan (or was it Brian?) Hall forever!!

Yarnsmith said...

Bryan Hall in the Brody Complex... always thought it sounded like a disease.