Back in the Saddle... Again...

I debated about writing about this, just in case I FAILED. You know... wouldn't want people to know I'm a MERE MORTAL. I'm back to the weight I was 2 years ago, and while my pants TECHNICALLY fit, there's a bit more of me than can be contained at the waistline. Yes, my friends, I've got a muffin top. Also, it's getting harder to blame the dryer on shrinkage of jeans that I've had for 3 years.

I have been successful with Weight Watchers in the past... I reach goal, and then I kind of forget about all the tools to keep the weight off, and I slip back into bad habits.

This time, I don't have the time or money to go to meetings. Since I'm a life time member (I reached my goal 6 years ago, and 2 years ago, again.), it's free for me IF I am at my goal weight or lower. It's $12 a meeting if I'm not, which I'm not. I like the support of the meetings, but I'd like to think I could do this without paying a bunch of money.

As a program, I like Weight Watchers for the portion control, and the ease of use. There is one thing I don't like, and this isn't TOTALLY WW's fault, but the "WW culture." It is possible to eat a WW sanctioned meal that doesn't actually have much FOOD in it. The fake sweeteners, using cooking spray instead of real oil, substituting "food products" for "food" are, if not encouraged, are accepted. Of course, WW says to eat more real veggies and fruits, etc, but it is possible to still lose weight while eating fake food.

The other thing I find outrageous, is that all the yummy foods are penalized for having SUGAR, or FAT, or NO FIBER. It's as if these foods MAKE YOU GAIN WEIGHT. I don't buy it. :)

If you don't know how the Point System for WW works, it's roughly 1 pt. for every 50 calories. I get 22-27 pts. per day. The bowl of chili I had for lunch was 1 point per cup because of its high fiber and no fat. This dish composed of 24 mini corn chips and 1 oz. of cheddar cheese was 6 pts. You can see the spoon for scale... this was a small plate. I guess I could have eaten 6 more cups of chili, but no one but my colon would have benefitted.


Katherine said...

You'll do fine! We can do a buddy system if you want some more support. I'm not doing WW, though, so I don't know if that would work for you or not.

ABG said...

Chris, I'm doing WW now too--though I am paying b/c I'm totally NOT successful on WW by myself.

And I agree about the "non food" thing--though the new Momentum program really tries to address this. :)

I desperately need to talk to you about adoption related stuff...can you email me your number?