Dear Cats that live in our house,

Rico, Thank you for keeping my spot warm while I get up to go to the bathroom. If you would only give me my spot BACK once I return, I wouldn't be forced to evict you.

Murray, I know that it is considered "high art" among your feline set, but please stop leaving your "art" on our white bedspread.

Momo, I'm sorry about the blanket I threw over you and the subsequent sparks that ensued while you tried to get out. That's called "static electricity" and now you know a little more science than you did before.

Sibbie, thank you for keeping our borders safe. Your patrol at 10 p.m. helps all of us sleep better.


Katherine said...

hee hee!

Nicola said...

Oh cats...what fun! ;p Wee have a blanket that makes so much static, Bill shorts out his computer and his mouse pad gets stuck on yellow (instead of rotating its lovely colors) if he moves to much with it wrapped around him while sitting at his desk. tee hee

Nicola :D