Thanks, kid!

The only beef I have with our YMCA's workout area is that there is no designated place to stretch. I end up out in the hall with people who want killer abs. I guess that's what they're doing... why else would they be laying on their backs, tossing a medicine ball in the air while doing crunches? Is that Killer Abs, or Exercises That Will Kill You?

So, I was stretching tonight after 30 minutes of the elliptical and 30 minutes of the treadmill, and about 7.5 minutes of "weight lifting". I was TECHNICALLY lifting weights... oooh... 8 pounds... in each hand, people.

Anyway, stretching... pleased to find that my right hip feels better... I thought I'd pulled something other than a muscle and didn't want to admit that maybe I am almost 40, and whattheheckamIthinkingtakingkarate?

Oh, yeah, out in the hall... so I'm out there stretching, and there's a girl wandering up and down the hall. Children under 12 are not allowed in the workout area... I saw a Mom and some kids get busted tonight. I was just wondering if I should say something to someone and the Y guy pushed them out. So, I can only assume that this girl was an exercise orphan and her mom was working out.

Ok, here's another beef I have with the local Y. They have childcare available for children UP TO 8 years old. Then there is nothing except classes that kids 9-14 can do. They can workout at 12 IF you pay money and they get trained on the equipment, and they have to wear a lanyard in the workout area. I totally understand that, but it leaves a big gap in ages to fill. They do have a "Teen Center" for that age group, but it looks totally unsupervised.

Oh, right... this girl walking the hall. She was crunching on Doritos and chugging something blue. I was thinking "Just finish your #$%@ Doritos already." That was really all I had to say... hmmm... not that interesting, now that I think about it. Never mind.

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