Short Rows, Shmort Rows...

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day.... If you're into that kinda thing. My husband and I are not really. He said this morning that he didn't have anything special planned for today. I said "Good. Me either." Unromantic? Maybe... but I think we show love to each other in other ways every day, so I don't need just the one day. Also, you remember the whole "What's your love language" thing? Well, receiving gifts is not how I "feel" loved. But, if Lee will, for example, write out a message for me in dishcloths... I feel warm and fuzzy. Also, for me, just opening the garage door (we don’t have a gdo), knowing I’ll be home soon, is a sure way to my heart. Love you, baby!

Anyhoo, y'all came here for the knitting, I bet. I'm having a serious problem with short rows. I tried the "japanese" method from nonaknits. I then tried the "I THINK I saw it done this way once at my LYS." 2 tries, 2 frogs... The 2nd try actually was closer to “right”, but I started with 30 stitches and ended with 45. Um. I don’t think that’s right. In my defense… the heel actually DID turn, with no holes. It might help if my attention wasn’t divided between my heel and the horrors of WWII, brought to us by “Band of Brothers”. Excellent series, BTW, but apparently I cannot knit to it.

Anyone have a tried and true and super easy Short Row Technique? I’m leaning toward the wrapped kind. I get that part, I think. My problem is the picking them up on the other side.

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