What does a SNOW DAY mean to a knitter?

It's so nice to be home and knit and knit and knit. I worked on a sock... trying out short rows for the heel... wish me luck. If it happens to bear a remarkable resemblance to Kitty Pi... it's just a coincidence. I'm finally using the yarn from this project.... using it doubled on #2's I like it so far. I'm working the heel now... not sure if I'm doing it right. We'll see if I get little holes when I start knitting the stitch/wraps.

Also, here's a pic of Kitty Pi being used (ish). It took catnip to get them interested. Sigh... Ungrateful wretches. Guess my lap is still better than Kitty Pi. Also, the sides collapsed on KP, so it's looking pretty deflated.

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mzmouze said...

my cats wouldn't use the kitty pi either until Punk (the boy cat) "folded" the top half of the sides inward and down(doubling the thickness of the side, but halving the height) by walking around and around in a circle until it was just the way he wanted it.