Yay! At least SOMEBODY likes Kitty Pi

I only put catnip in it the ONE TIME, officer. I swear! Sibbie is laying in KP of her own accord. I know that because she doesn't really like catnip. She'll eat it, but it doesn't make her crazy like the other cat.

I have not got a lot of knitting content, as I cleaned out closets last night. I do not know why. I had a burning desire to do so, and, in fact, I felt so compelled, that I didn't really have a choice. The closet under the stairs looks SO nice now. And it smells good too, since I found the baggie of lavender I'd picked from my garden last fall and put in there to dry. I poked around in the bag and suddenly the heavenly scent of lavender was everywhere. I know not everyone likes lavender. I have a friend who has always hated it, but now has made so many lavender scented items for others... because she's the type of good friend that will make you a lavender so and so even though she hates the smell... that she admitted to me that it's growing on her. And I have to admit that eucalyptus (her fave) is starting to grow on me as well. Huh.
I planted 2 lavender plants 2 seasons ago. I really want to plant more, even though the current ones are huge. (Well, not now, as they're covered with 18" of snow...) I kinda had in mind a big row of them in front of the deck. The plants are fairly expensive though, so it'd be a long term project. Hey! Spring must be springing in my heart! If I'm thinking about PLANTING THINGS! Yay! I don't know what people do in places that don't really have SEASONS. I'm talking about the dramatic seasonal changes in the Great Lakes area. Even though Winter is hard and long and dark, the joy of coming out of the gloom almost makes up for the previous hibernation period.

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knittymom said...

yay, you're starting to like eucalyptus!!! (is it crazy that I go through the store and smell lavender scented things and think, 'maybe Chris would like this?')