Unclear on the Concept

Kitty Pi is done. It took 4 (!) skeins of Lamb's Pride worsted. I did it with 2 strands, #10.5 needles. Here is a pre-felted look at it... I set Sibbie in it and she settled right in.

A word about felting in a front load washer. (Remind me to get a top load washer next time, although I didn't choose this washer... it came with the house.) Anyway, there is no way to check the progress of the felting, and there just is not as much agitation. That's great for clothes, but not so much for felting. Sooo... Kitty Pi got 2 washes, then the sides stood by themselves. I did the i-cord bindoff rather tight so that the sides would bulge a bit, and they do. Love it when a plan works the way I pictured, rather than the opposite of what I pictured, which has happened.

Here's the felted version which Sibbie would not step in. Ok, granted, it was wet at this point, but there had better be some major kittie useage once it's dry. I'm not above sprinkling catnip on it. I know they will love it if they would use it. Also here's a pic sans cat.

Lee and I TRIED to watch Black Dahlia... booooooooring. Maybe the book was better. We turned it off after 20 minutes, which felt like and hour and a half. So, we popped in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, season 2, and I worked on these:
Yes, I'm still in love with dishcloths. I hope I can part with them when the time comes, cuz I'm pretty much in love with them and their cheerful colors.


MJ said...

Those are cute washcloths!
I think they are addicting too cuz they are instant gratification!

Nicola said...

Chris, you could make an afghan out of them. Hey, that'd be one blanket sure to brighten your morning. ;p :) Hmmm, why do I keep craving sherbert for breakfast? tee hee