One down... One to slog through...

One cable sock is down. I didn't really think through the whole "ending the cables in a place that wouldn't look goofy." So... I got goof. They are for me and I just wanted to get on with the Kitchenering already, so I think I can live with it. I started the 2nd sock, but made a mistake way back, tried to fix it by just unraveling those 4 stitches... not sure I can live with the results. I believe I should have just left that cable going the wrong direction. But... eh... they are just for me, and I don't think it'll bother me since it's up near the cuff. No Mo' Teal!

In unrelated news, Lee and I are watching Battlestar Galactica today. The 1978 movie. Ha ha ha. In one of the 1st scenes, Starbuck (played by my BFF Dirk Benedict) is talking to... Hey! that's not Richard Hatch... that's RICK SPRINGFIELD. (He played Apollo's younger brother.) The movie is 10 minutes in and they've already made about... um... 13 foreshadowing references to the duplicity of the cylons.

Oh, and is this a bad sign?

And as soon as I saw Rick Springfield, I knew he was a red shirt. Sure enough... It's a TRAP!!! And he pulls the "No, no, you go on..." And Apollo says "No, I won't leave you." Rick says, "My engine is out... you have to inform the fleet... I'll be ok." And Apollo says "Ok." and leaves. Then SOMEHOW... Rick beats Apollo back to the ship?! And gets shot down right after he says, "I made it!" Ha ha... no you didn't. THEN Apollo comes running in, breathless saying he wants to go back out to get Rick.

Nooooo... Boxey's dog just got killed. Ok, what kind of a name is Boxey? He's very annoying. But his dog seemed nice. And his mother is hot. Young Jane Seymour. I'm pretty sure she dies later. I remember crying about that when I was little.

Favorite lines so far:
Starbuck, it's dangerous out here!
Why would the Cylons attack us? They're the ones who wanted peace.
It's true then... we're defeated. Destroyed. (Jane Seymour.)
May as well live for today... we might not have many left. (Starbuck.)
What if we miss a mine? Well, one of us will know.
Smells like a trap. Feels like a trap. I believe it IS a trap. (Commander Adama.)

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